Waterless solar panel cleaning robot cleaning in between a Thermal Power power plant and a cement factory

Eco-Friendly Solar Care: TAYPRO MODEL-W's Water-Powered Cleaning Revolution!

Discover TAYPRO MODEL-W, a cutting-edge solar panel cleaning robot tailored for challenging environments near cement factories and chemical industries. This water-powered wonder ensures optimal solar panel efficiency, addressing unique cleaning needs.

Features of TAYPRO MODEL-W

  1. Nylon Bristle Brush: Unlike microfiber, TAYPRO MODEL-W employs a robust nylon bristle brush for effective cleaning.
  2. Water-Powered Cleaning: Utilizing water during cleaning, it tackles stubborn dirt prevalent near industrial sites.
  3. Special Design: Crafted specifically for solar plants in proximity to cement factories and chemical industries.

Why Water Cleaning?

In areas with heavy industrial pollutants, dry cleaning methods may fall short. TAYPRO MODEL-W’s water-based approach ensures thorough cleaning, enhancing solar panel performance.


  • Effective Cleaning: Nylon bristle brush coupled with water power ensures optimal cleaning, even in challenging conditions.
  • Increased Efficiency: Regular cleaning prevents efficiency reduction caused by industrial pollutants


Q: Is water cleaning safe for solar panels?

A: Not everytime, If the water is treated and it is drinkable then it is safe.  TAYPRO MODEL-W’s design ensures safe and effective water cleaning without causing harm.

Q: Can it handle various panel sizes?

A: Absolutely! TAYPRO MODEL-W adapts to different solar panel configurations, providing versatile cleaning solutions.

TAYPRO MODEL-W stands as a beacon of innovation, addressing the specific challenges posed by industrial environments. Embrace the water-powered revolution for eco-friendly solar maintenance!