IoT Cloud-based Control System for Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

In the dynamic realm of solar technology, the TAYPRO CONSOLE emerges as a paradigm shift in solar module cleaning. This state-of-the-art system integrates cutting-edge technology, real-time communication standards, and AI-driven decision-making to redefine efficiency in solar field maintenance.

Seamless Connectivity and Weather Integration

The core of the TAYPRO CONSOLE lies in its seamless connectivity. Each deployed robot intricately connects to the IoT System, utilizing the latest real-time communication standards. This ensures unparalleled access to the robot’s control unit, facilitating efficient and responsive operations.

A distinctive feature is the integration with local meteorological stations. By incorporating real-time weather data, including wind speed predictions and rainfall forecasts, the system empowers itself with the ability to make informed decisions. This strategic integration prevents robots from operating in harsh weather conditions, mitigating the risk of damage or malfunction.


Precision in Operation

The TAYPRO CONSOLE goes beyond conventional cleaning methods. It allows for the application of individual and group commands, tailoring the cleaning approach based on seasonal data and the specific position of each table in the field. This level of precision ensures the most efficient working method for each robot, enhancing overall cleaning performance.

Field technicians wield real-time control through the IoT system, gaining access to a robust reporting system. This enables them to make on-the-spot decisions, ensuring optimal robot performance. The system empowers technicians to specify individual working methods for each robot, adding an extra layer of customization for enhanced efficiency.

Cloud-Based Control Center

TAYPRO introduces an advanced and centralized cloud-based control center, revolutionizing the monitoring and management of deployed cleaning robots. Geographical boundaries are transcended, allowing for remote control and oversight from any corner of the world.

Built on Mesh BT 5.0 LR – a combination of long-range communication and mesh topology – the system guarantees fast and reliable communication even in large PV fields. This technological backbone is interlinked with weather forecasting data, enabling AI-driven decisions that optimize cleaning efficiency and robot utilization.

Weather-Driven Decision Making

The synergy between TAYPRO CONSOLE and weather forecasting data is a game-changer. By leveraging AI, the system makes decisions that enhance cleaning efficiency and safeguard equipment. It prevents robots from operating in harmful weather conditions, effectively reducing both damage and equipment downtime.


Efficient Fleet Management and Data Insights

Managing a fleet of cleaning robots has never been easier. TAYPRO facilitates easy fleet management through the creation of customized workflows, applicable on an individual or group level. This level of flexibility streamlines operations, ensuring that cleaning robots work in harmony to maintain peak efficiency.

The system provides real-time data insights through a comprehensive dashboard visualization. This invaluable tool empowers management with a holistic view of all operational field data, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive maintenance.

The TAYPRO CONSOLE emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of solar module cleaning. Its integration of advanced technology, real-time connectivity, and AI-driven decision-making positions it as a frontrunner in the industry. As the solar landscape continues to evolve, TAYPRO sets the standard for efficiency, precision, and sustainability in solar field maintenance.

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