Revolutionizing Solar Panel Maintenance: Taypro 2.0 Basic
A Pick and Place Type Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

In the dynamic landscape of solar energy, the demand for efficient and innovative solutions is paramount. Taypro 2.0 Basic emerges as a game-changer in the realm of solar panel cleaning, offering a revolutionary lift-and-shift water-less cleaning robot designed to retrofit seamlessly in both utility-scale and rooftop solar plants. This advanced technology is engineered to overcome the challenges posed by major solar power plants, ensuring ease of operation and simple maintenance with minimal infrastructural modifications.

Unveiling the Ingenious Design

The Taypro 2.0 Basic is not just another cleaning device; it’s a result of meticulous study and analysis aimed at addressing prevalent issues in solar power plants. The innovative cleaning assembly and driving mechanism elevate its compatibility, making it suitable for fixed tilt, seasonal tilt, and horizontal single-axis trackers. This adaptability extends to solar panel rows of any size, showcasing a device that thrives amidst irregularities and undulations.


Key Features Setting Taypro Apart

Waterless Cleaning Technology

The cornerstone of Taypro 2.0 Basic lies in its water-less cleaning technology. Departing from traditional methods, this robot utilizes an advanced cleaning mechanism that not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes environmental impact.

Long-lasting Battery Power

Efficiency meets longevity with Taypro’s robust battery technology. The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning operations and minimizing downtime.

Scratch-free Cleaning

Preserving the integrity of solar panels is crucial. Taypro’s scratch-free technology guarantees a gentle yet thorough cleaning process, safeguarding the longevity and performance of the solar panels.

Fast Cleaning Speed

In the fast-paced world of solar energy, time is of the essence. Taypro 2.0 Basic boasts an impressive cleaning speed, optimizing the maintenance process without compromising quality.

Fastest ROI

Investing in Taypro 2.0 Basic translates to a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). The combination of efficiency, longevity, and speed ensures that the benefits of this innovative cleaning solution are realized swiftly.

Easy Operation

User-friendliness is paramount. Taypro 2.0 Basic is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that operators can seamlessly integrate it into their maintenance routines with ease.

Transforming Solar Panel Cleaning Practices

The solar panel cleaning landscape has evolved into a critical industry best practice. Taypro’s commitment to providing the best cleaning solutions in India is evident across residential, industrial, and commercial rooftop installations, as well as ground-mounted solar power plants, whether on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid PV systems.

Pick and Place type solar panel cleaning robots

Elevating ROI through Efficient Cleaning

The impact of clean solar panels on the overall performance and efficiency of solar power plants cannot be overstated. Taypro’s cutting-edge technology contributes to a significant increase in the rate of return, often exceeding 15%. This not only underscores the economic viability of solar energy but positions Taypro as a leader in optimizing the financial gains associated with solar panel maintenance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of solar energy, Taypro 2.0 Basic emerges as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing solar panel maintenance. Its water-less cleaning technology, long-lasting battery power, scratch-free cleaning mechanism, fast cleaning speed, and rapid ROI make it the undisputed choice for solar power plants. As the industry embraces the future, Taypro stands at the forefront, shaping the narrative of efficient and sustainable solar panel cleaning practices. If you are looking for a Fully Automated Solution, please have a look at TAYPRO AMS.

If you don’t want to own and invest in the Capex of the robots, we can provide you cleaning service which can help you to improve the energy generation of the plant.


Is Taypro 2.0 Basic suitable for all types of solar panel installations?

Yes, Taypro 2.0 Basic is designed to retrofit seamlessly into both utility-scale and rooftop solar plants, ensuring adaptability across various installations.

How does Taypro's waterless cleaning technology work?

Taypro’s waterless cleaning technology utilizes an advanced mechanism that enhances cleaning efficiency while minimizing environmental impact, departing from traditional water-based methods.

What is the expected lifespan of Taypro 2.0 Basic's battery?

Taypro 2.0 Basic is equipped with a robust battery, ensuring long-lasting power efficiency and minimizing downtime during cleaning operations.

Can Taypro 2.0 Basic be used on solar panels of irregular undulations of plants and sizes?

Yes, Taypro 2.0 Basic’s innovative design allows it to thrive amidst irregularities and undulations, making it suitable for solar panel rows of any size.

How does Taypro contribute to the increased rate of return in solar power plants?

Taypro’s cutting-edge technology, including fast cleaning speed and efficient cleaning practices, significantly contributes to an increased rate of return, often exceeding 15% for solar power plant owners.

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