Revolutionizing Solar Panel Cleaning: Taypro's Innovative Approach

In the ever-evolving landscape of solar energy, Taypro Private Limited stands as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to providing advanced cleaning solutions that redefine the industry standards. Founded with a singular mission to enhance solar panel efficiency, Taypro has successfully bridged the gap between cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy production.


Evolution of Taypro

Embarking on Innovation

  • October 2017

Taypro initiates the development phase of Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robots, laying the foundation for a groundbreaking venture in renewable energy technology.

October 2017
July 2019

Birth of Taypro Private Limited

  • July 2019

Formally incorporating as Taypro Private Limited, the company solidifies its commitment to revolutionizing solar panel maintenance and efficiency.

Patent Success

  • November 2019

Achieving a significant milestone, Taypro celebrates the grant of its first patent, validating its innovative approach to solar panel cleaning technology.

November 2019
December 2019

Market Entry

  • December 2019

Taypro makes its debut in the market by deploying its inaugural Cleaning Robot, marking the commencement of a transformative era in solar panel maintenance.

Innovation Acknowledged:

  • June 2020

Continuing its trailblazing journey, Taypro secures its second patent, reaffirming its position as a leading innovator in the field of solar panel cleaning.

June 2020
January 2021

Scaling Up

  • January 2021

Demonstrating its capability on a larger scale, Taypro deploys its first Utility Scale Project, showcasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its cleaning robots.

Advancing Technology

  • March 2022

Taypro introduces Taypro AMS, an advanced robot equipped with Machine Learning Capabilities, representing a significant leap forward in automated solar panel maintenance technology.

March 2022
August 2022

1st Milestone Achieved

  • August 2022

Surpassing the 1 GW mark of installations on solar plants, Taypro solidifies its status as a key player in the renewable energy industry, making substantial contributions to global sustainability efforts.

The Model-T

  • January 2023

Continuing its streak of innovation, Taypro launches Taypro Model-T, an advanced robot tailored specifically for Single Axis Tracker Plants, further diversifying its product range to meet evolving industry needs.

January 2023

Leading the Charge

  • Today

With over 3 GW of projects implemented and an ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, Taypro remains at the forefront of the solar panel cleaning revolution, driving positive change in the renewable energy landscape.


Unveiling the Challenge:
Dirt and Electrical Output

Taypro recognized a critical issue plaguing the solar energy sector – the accumulation of dirt on solar panels leading to a significant decline in electrical output. This realization fueled the inception of a groundbreaking solution – the solar panel cleaning robot.

The Birth of Taypro AMS: A Technological Marvel

Years of intensive development, collaboration with top-tier engineers, and integration of the latest technology culminated in the creation of the Taypro AMS. This revolutionary solar panel cleaning system is not merely a tool; it’s a game-changer for solar system owners.

Key Features of Taypro AMS

  1. Water-less Cleaning: Taypro AMS introduces an innovative water-less cleaning technology, ensuring thorough removal of all types of dirt without compromising efficiency.

  2. Thorough Cleaning in Minimal Time: Efficiency is the cornerstone of Taypro’s philosophy. The Taypro AMS offers tremendous savings in cleaning time, allowing solar systems to maintain peak performance.

  3. Scratch-Free Technology: Protecting the integrity of solar panels is paramount. Taypro AMS employs scratch-free technology, preserving the longevity of the panels and maximizing their output potential.

  4. Easy Operation & Handling: User-friendly and efficient, Taypro 2.1 ensures easy operation and handling, making it accessible for a wide range of users.


Taypro's Vision: A Greener Planet through Innovation

Taypro’s overarching vision is to build a greener planet by providing innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions. The commitment to establishing itself as a global leader in the energy-saving sector echoes in every facet of Taypro’s operations

Mission: Maximizing Energy Generation through Best O&M Practices

Taypro’s mission is crystal clear – to assist solar plants in maximizing energy generation by implementing best Operations & Maintenance (O&M) practices. This commitment drives Taypro to work with the best engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers, ensuring progress and technology at its zenith.

Taypro's Collaborative Approach

At Taypro Private Limited, collaboration is at the heart of our success. We work seamlessly with the best minds in engineering, top-tier suppliers, and cutting-edge manufacturers. This collaboration ensures that every innovation, like the Taypro 2.1, is a testament to progress and technology at its best.


In a world where sustainability is paramount, Taypro Private Limited emerges as a pioneer, reshaping the solar energy landscape. The Taypro AMS is not just a cleaning system; it’s a statement – a testament to Taypro’s unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable planet.


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